Why You Should Try Bike Tours In Cape Town

Are you planning a visit to Cape Town in the near future? If you are, you might want to think about going on a cycle tour. Bike tours are extremely popular with both tourists and locals. If you go on a tour like this one, then you are sure to enjoy it.

These are just a few of the benefits cycle tours offer:

Bike Tours Are The Best Way To Experience The City

If you really want to get a feel for what Cape Town is like, then you will want to experience it while on a bike. Riding a bike through the town will allow you to see sites you might have otherwise missed. You can also cover a lot of ground in a short period of time.


These tours typically go through Green Point, Bo-Kaap, as well as the Waterfront. You will be able to see so much on a Cape Town Bicycle Tour, and you will have a great time doing it.

Cycle Tours Are Extremely Informative

If you enjoy learning while you are on tours, then this is something that you will want to look into. Cycle tours have a reputation for being informative. While you are on the tour, you will be able to learn all about the heritage and history of Cape Town.


The guides on these tours are very experienced, and they are experts when it comes to Cape Town’s history. They will be able to tell you all about the city and its cultural legacy.

These Tours Give You Plenty Of Exercise

It is common for people to engage in bad habits while they are on vacation. People might indulge in foods that they would otherwise avoid, or even overeat.


When you go on a tour like this, you won’t just learn; you will also be able to get some valuable exercise. You can burn off any extra calories that you have consumed and come back from your trip in great shape. You might actually be thinner than when you left when you get home!

Bike Tours Are Tons Of Fun

When you go on a bike tour, you are going to have an amazing time. These tours are some of the most popular tours in the entire region. The people that attend these tours often describe them as the highlight of their entire trip.


You may not have a chance to come back to Cape Town in the near future. Because of that, you should try to enjoy as much as you can while you are still there. You will want to get a good look at the city and the people that live there. A bike tour will allow you to do all of that.

If you are currently planning a trip to Cape Town, look into booking a bike tour. You may want to book one of these tours in advance; they can fill up very quickly. A professionally guided cycle tour can really enhance your trip.

The Best Cape Town Kitesurfing Hints

Kitesurfing is an exciting and adventurous hobby that anyone can enjoy. Finding the best locations, knowing the best times to go, and where to get the best equipment and training are all important pieces of the puzzle for anyone who wants to enjoy this great vacation trend. In Cape Town, there are many options available, so here are some hints and tricks to get you on the right path to enjoying your kitesurfing vacation.


The location is extremely important for choosing the type of kitesurfing you are interested in. There are over thirty beaches that offer this sport, and each has something different to offer. Some beaches have stronger winds and waves to offer a more challenging experience, while others have calmer winds and smaller waves for those interested in a relaxing experience. Nearby cities offer different experiences, but their beaches are often overcrowded with kitesurfers who are practising for the upcoming sporting season. These cities are also losing beach land to development, while Cape Town maintains their beaches as high-quality and open to visitors.

big_kite-surfing-123The kitesurfing in Cape Town is best throughout the months of October through April. In many locations throughout the world, this is the downtime, as winds are not as strong and the waters may be rougher. What is considered the off-season for most of the globe is perfect for kitesurfing in Cape Town, as the winds are fairly stable and the ocean waves are reliable. This is why many kitesurfers make their way down to Cape Town to practice at a time when the rest of the world is unsuitable.

cape_town_main_1.1Kitesurfing equipment is easily secured in Cape Town. As a well-known kitesurfing hot spot, many shops have set up in the area and are ready to help you get the right gear for your needs. Reputable stores are easy to come by, and many of the locals know which direction to point you in for the best deals. Even if you are only a beginner, these stores can help you pick the best accessories for your kitesurfing needs and help you get going.

Kite surf lessons are definitely in demand in Cape Town, and some of the best kitesurfing schools in the world have cropped up to meet those needs. With kitesurfers being so common in Cape Town, you can find courses ranging from beginner to advanced across the city. Many of these schools offer comprehensive classes, where they not only assist you with equipment, safety, and form but also will escort you on tours across Cape Town’s many beaches. These tours assist them in teaching you the basics, but also help you figure out which beach is the best one to fit your kitesurfing habits.


With these tips on kitesurfing in Cape Town, you should now be able to enjoy this thrilling craft throughout your vacation. Just remember to find a good location, choose the right time, identify the best equipment and training for you, and most importantly, enjoy yourself. Kitesurfing is a fun and audacious adventure for anyone who gives it a shot.

Get Down And Boogie In Cape Town – The City’s Best Nightclubs

Cape Town is one of the most vibrant and exciting destinations in the world. During the daylight hours sun and sea dominate the activities available to visitors – but once the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean the city shows its wild side with some of the best nightclubs in the world.

Whether you want a more sedate experience or want to get your groove on, the ‘Mother City’ – as South African’s call Cape Town has a night time attraction that will provide hours of fun for everyone.

So what are the best nightclubs in the city? Here are some fantastic choices.

#1 The Shimmy Beach Club.

The-Deck-At-ShimmyCape Town’s vibrant V&A Waterfront plays host to this great music and dance venue. Adding to the attractions of Shimmy revellers get to try out the latest dance moves with sand underfoot. Two bars, an infinity pool and a fabulous VIP area all make this one of the most chilled dance experiences in the Mother City. Action starts in the mid-afternoon and continue to the break of dawn the next day – if you want to enjoy the energy of Cape Town in a great outdoor venue this is the place for you.

#2 The Assembly.

ca9891a3442310cededb587de104345a.imgIn Cape Town’s pulsating city centre this is a venue that can accommodate local and international big bands as well as play host to more intimate gatherings. A low, low cover charge and some fabulous drinks specials make this a crowd-pleasing venue. Well known, as well as up and coming DJ’s stake their claim to fame at The Assembly so it’s a fabulous place to enjoy both mellow and frantic sounds until the sun comes up.

#3 The COCO Nightclub.

1462957_502732196492747_565351875_n-31fgdaqfumu0zqtugqw5xcAnother city centre location that has refined the art of getting fans to throw off their inhibitions and party like there’s no tomorrow COCO has built its reputation on pure class. This is an upmarket choice for those is search of top shelf drink brands and a huge diversity of music. From the cool and relaxed to niche tempos like West African and hip-hop choosing a night at COCO is balm for the tired soul. Try to get on the guest list or book a table for an outrageously upper-class experience.

#4 The Jade Lounge And Champagne Bar.

Lounge1This is a smaller venue with a great big heart and oodles of charm – combined with a distinctly upper-crust atmosphere. Located in trendy and laid back Green Point it’s the perfect stop after dinner at the adjacent V&A Waterfront. Come dressed to the nines and mingle with Cape Town’s smart set. Don’t bother to arrive if you’re under 23 and don’t enjoy the laid back sounds of rhythm and blues on Thursdays (the big night) and Sundays.

#5 The Julep Bar.

Neighbourhood-Cape-TownAnother intimate venue this is great for those who want to get that up close and personal experience. With an ambience that makes you feel right at home Julep is great for those in search of some of the city’s most innovative cocktails. Music ranges from funk to R&B and innovative DJ’s make sure that patrons keep on bopping till the early hours.

#6 Tiger Tiger.

437bdede986cc8d09bbd99dc29f0a44d.previewOne of the most popular nightclubs in Cape Town this is a relaxed and funky night out for the younger set – including students and those just starting to climb the corporate ladder to success. With two dance floors and great deals on drinks (such as the popular two for one deal). The dress code varies from casual to semi-casual depending on the night. Free Friday entrance makes the joint really jump.

Cape Town nightlife is vibrant and the choice is almost as varied as the clientele. If you can’t find something to suit your needs you’re probably not looking hard enough.


Get Your Swim Shorts On And Enjoy Cape Town’s Best Beaches

Cape Town, South Africa enjoys an enviable reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With an abundance of Victorian architecture, and wonderful scenery this is a city that offers attractions that will appeal to families, the young at heart, as well as those who want to enjoy a superior holiday experience characterized by exceptional dining opportunities. The city also offers fabulous value and a summertime climate that is strongly reminiscent of the best that the Mediterranean has to offer.

However, one of the highlights of any visit to Cape Town during the summer (a sun drenched Christmas in the city is highly recommended) is the simply world class beaches that are available. Those lucky enough to pack their swimming trunks are offered two oceans to choose from. The Atlantic seaboard of Cape Town provides some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Pristine powdery white sand and a sparkling ocean make any trip to the easily accessible beaches a pleasure. However, beware, as inviting as the Atlantic Ocean is – it’s bitterly cold.

On the other side of the Cape Peninsula are fabulous beaches that are lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Here the visitor will find miles of unspoiled beach to sit back and relax – and warm welcoming waters that make this the ideal coast for families in search of sun and sea.

So what are your best choices when in search of a great Cape Town Beach Experience?

#1 Any Of Clifton’s Beaches.


Situated on the incredibly picturesque Atlantic Seaboard are a string of four interconnected beaches that together make up the Clifton experience. Each of the beaches (1st to 4th beach) has unique personality. Families are attracted to 1st beach, 2nd Beach is the hangout for the beautiful people of the city, 3rd Beach is the focus of Cape Town’s gay community and 4th beach is where teenagers tend to congregate (as well as the haunt of those who want a great place for a Frisbee throwing dog destination).

#2 Camps Bay Beach.


This beach is one of the most perfect places to watch the sun settle into the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also just across the road from some of Cape Town’s best restaurants. It’s easy access form the road, although you might be in for a walk in peak season as parking on the beachfront is limited. A block away there’ll be more choice.

#3 Llandudno Beach.


If you want to head out a bit further towards Cape Point Llandudno Beach is perfect for taking in the rays and watching some of Cape Town’s best surfers do their thing. It’s also lees crowded than the Camps Bay and especially Clifton hot spots.

#4 Muizenberg.


Head across the Peninsula and towards the warm Indian Ocean and you should definitely put side a day to enjoy the laid back atmosphere of Muizenberg Beach. this is a great family destination. The waves are gentle (it’s great place to learn to surf) and the sandcastle building possibilities are endless. The beach stretches form miles and walk to take in the fresh sea air is highly recommended. There are also numerous opportunities to enjoy snacks from a wide variety of retail outlets. Great Whites patrol the waters of False Bay, but there are shark spotters on duty throughout the holiday season.

#5 Boulders Beach.


Around 10 minutes form Muizenberg heading towards Cape Point is Boulders Beach where visitors can enjoy a secluded beach experience, complete with a colony of amusing Jackass Penguins.

Get to Cape Town and enjoy a summer of fun in the sun and some of the best beaches in the world – you owe it to yourself and the family.