The Best Cape Town Kitesurfing Hints

Kitesurfing is an exciting and adventurous hobby that anyone can enjoy. Finding the best locations, knowing the best times to go, and where to get the best equipment and training are all important pieces of the puzzle for anyone who wants to enjoy this great vacation trend. In Cape Town, there are many options available, so here are some hints and tricks to get you on the right path to enjoying your kitesurfing vacation.


The location is extremely important for choosing the type of kitesurfing you are interested in. There are over thirty beaches that offer this sport, and each has something different to offer. Some beaches have stronger winds and waves to offer a more challenging experience, while others have calmer winds and smaller waves for those interested in a relaxing experience. Nearby cities offer different experiences, but their beaches are often overcrowded with kitesurfers who are practising for the upcoming sporting season. These cities are also losing beach land to development, while Cape Town maintains their beaches as high-quality and open to visitors.

big_kite-surfing-123The kitesurfing in Cape Town is best throughout the months of October through April. In many locations throughout the world, this is the downtime, as winds are not as strong and the waters may be rougher. What is considered the off-season for most of the globe is perfect for kitesurfing in Cape Town, as the winds are fairly stable and the ocean waves are reliable. This is why many kitesurfers make their way down to Cape Town to practice at a time when the rest of the world is unsuitable.

cape_town_main_1.1Kitesurfing equipment is easily secured in Cape Town. As a well-known kitesurfing hot spot, many shops have set up in the area and are ready to help you get the right gear for your needs. Reputable stores are easy to come by, and many of the locals know which direction to point you in for the best deals. Even if you are only a beginner, these stores can help you pick the best accessories for your kitesurfing needs and help you get going.

Kite surf lessons are definitely in demand in Cape Town, and some of the best kitesurfing schools in the world have cropped up to meet those needs. With kitesurfers being so common in Cape Town, you can find courses ranging from beginner to advanced across the city. Many of these schools offer comprehensive classes, where they not only assist you with equipment, safety, and form but also will escort you on tours across Cape Town’s many beaches. These tours assist them in teaching you the basics, but also help you figure out which beach is the best one to fit your kitesurfing habits.


With these tips on kitesurfing in Cape Town, you should now be able to enjoy this thrilling craft throughout your vacation. Just remember to find a good location, choose the right time, identify the best equipment and training for you, and most importantly, enjoy yourself. Kitesurfing is a fun and audacious adventure for anyone who gives it a shot.